Uranus in Astrology and Through the Signs

The third largest planet within our solar system is Uranus. Uranus is known for being forwardthinking, even futuristic, and very good with the use of both electronics and electricity.

Uranus Symbol: Waterbearer

Associated Astrological Sign: Aquarius

Associated Astrological House: 11th

Associated Numerology Number: 4

Associated Tarot Card: The Fool

Uranus in Science:

Found in the year 1781, Uranus was the first planet ever discovered with a telescope!

Uranus is a slowmoving planet made up of gases and is the seventh planet from the sun. Unlike planet earth, this particular planet has a total of 27 moons! Although a day in Uranus would only last approximately 17 hours, this planet is known as a slowmoving planet because it takes 84 years to make a full cycle around the sun. Uranus, like Saturn, has rings, but these rings are much thinner and lighter, making them less visible. If we were to look closely, however, we would see a total of 13 of these rings!

Interestingly, Uranus not only rotates completely on its side, but it also rotates from east to west! This gaseous planet is also cold, windy, and heavily covered in ice. Not to mention, similar to Neptune, Uranus doesn’t have a solid surface area. In fact, what we see of it is mostly harshly moving liquids made up of pressure, ice, methane gas, and ammonia. It is also uninhabitable for sustaining life as we know it.

Uranus in Astrology and as a Ruling Planet:

Uranus is the ruling planet of the new age, which is famously known as the “Age of Aquarius!” This planet doesn’t only rule the age of Aquarius, but it rules Aquarius all the time. Anyone who has Aquarius as their rising sign, (aka Ascendant), is ruled by the planet Uranus for the duration of their current life. As a species living in this present time and on earth, however, it is, in a sense, now our ruling planet too. After about 2,000 years, the age of Pisces has likely come to an end.

We are now moving faster toward progression than human history has ever known or recorded. It is a time of constantly making new scientific discoveries, surging through unbelievable new electronic devices, and don’t forget the lightening storms, power outages, and bizarre things occurring daily. This is a complex time full of twists, turns, and likely many types of revolutions that seem to begin with nothing but fleeting trouble.

Uranus and Aquarius are eccentric, quirky, rebellious, natural engineers, unlikely to follow anyone else’s rules, unpredictable, highly curious, has a great memory, great with numbers, stubborn about personal beliefs, fixed mode of thinking, doesn’t like being given advice without it being requested, is always thirsty, can either be way too serious or not serious enough, highly analytical, catches the tiniest detail, but has a strained or blocked ability to pick up on some social cues, eclectic, easily bored, may say things abruptly, could have abnormal issues with electricity and/or electronics, likes to play with metaphorical fire, but will become angry when burned, great swimmers, is either restless or resting, enjoys arguing, great problem-solving skills, may have unexplainable or infrequent nervous system issues, etc.

Uranus Through the Signs:

As mentioned above, Uranus takes 84 years to completely rotate around the sun. This is incredibly long when compared to earth’s brief 365 days! If you divide the 84 years (that it takes Uranus to complete a cycle) by 12 (for the zodiac signs), you’ll get 7 and this is the number of years Uranus spends in each sign. This means everyone you went to high school with most likely has the same Uranus sign as you, as well as everyone else around your age.

Uranus in Aries: those born between 1927 until 1935 would have this placement. This ended the roaring 20‘s and immediately induced radical changes. Toward the end of this cycle, the stock market crashed and the Great Depression began. Uranus was in Aries again in 2010 to 2019, when the United States had Barrack Obama and Donald Trump for presidents. Regardless of anyone’s opinion, these two presidents were incredibly different, but both were rebellious and independent and so are the individuals who were born during these times. These two groups of people and these two times are revolutionaries and revolutionary.

Uranus in Taurus: those born between 1935 until 1942 would have this placement. During this time, the Great Depression was on the rise and many lived in scarcity. WWll began and women started taking the spotlight, such as Wonder Woman during her debut. From 2019 to now and until 2026, Uranus will still be in the sign of Taurus again. Currently, there are talks of atomic weapons use in different areas of the world, cryptocurrency has changed the value of money, and women are using their sex appeal to profit, (think of the rise of OnlyFans). Anyone born during these years will always be on the search for lasting comfortability and may be prone to various types of indulgences.

Uranus in Gemini: those born between 1942 until 1949 would have this placement. During this time, atomic weapons were used against Japan, history lived through the Cold War, and WWII continued until 1945. Because Gemini is about communication, this is when Anne Frank wrote her diary, cryptography grew in understanding, George Orwell released his novel Animal Farm, and the Dead Sea scrolls were found. Anyone born during this time would be quick-thinking, communicative, sharp, inventive, and is a part of a time that rapidly shifted our states of mind and our interactions amongst one another and between seemingly separate groups.

Uranus in Cancer: those born between 1949 until 1956 would have this placement. Not ironically, this is the time when birth control went underway and infant formula was a new product sold to the public because this was the period in which the baby boomers were born. After much war and conflict had finally ended, there was an intense focus on community, family, and love under the rule of compassionate Cancer. This was when many families began eating in front of their new televisions in the evenings and most women lived as homemakers. Those born during this time would naturally take on many of these traditional qualities and have a more delicate and family-oriented need toward their way of living.

Uranus in Leo: those born between 1956 until 1962 would have this placement. Under the influence of royal Leo, this was the time rock and roll, when the King himself, Elvis Presley was crowned a master of music during his short time. This was a period in history in which people began to express themselves without shame or fear of judgement. Music and film shined brightly, while playfulness and sexuality teased the public eye and they begged for more. Those born during this time appear more confident than their predecessors. They are more independent, fun-loving, and less strict than many of the generations before them.

Uranus in Virgo: those born between 1962 until 1968 would have this placement. During this time, robots began to perform human jobs, creating efficiency for the masses. Healthcare took a major focus and medicaid/medicare was born, and ATMs became a joyful and exciting use for the public, allowing society to run more smoothly than before. Those born during this time may seem to run like a well-oiled machine in the way they operate and think. Under the rule of Virgo, it seems that details are less likely glanced over and people are more focused on their goals and more serious about their tasks. Having a cause in which they can direct their critical and grounded minds, they’re driven toward finding the absolute best result in all that they do.

Uranus in Libra: those born between 1968 until 1975 would have this placement. This was the time of sexual liberation because Libra is ruled by the planet Venus and Venus is quite sensual. Famously, this era is remembered for being peace-loving and freedom-seeking. Bras were burned and traditional, monogamous relationships and loveless marriages seemed to have finally died. Anyone born during this time may have a different view upon divorce, having children out of wedlock, and anything held as traditional to the generations before them. They may have lived through “scandals” and were seen as “obscene” within their families, always taking on the title of the rebel and/or the black sheep.

Uranus in Scorpio: those born between 1975 until 1981 would have this placement. During this time, Scorpio brought a more shadowy understanding of sexual revolution. Underground rock and music became a hot interest and fashion became darker and edgier. Makeup was used in a much heavier way as a way of expression. People really began questioning their authority in this era and it became uncool to follow the rules. At the end of this period, unfortunately, aids began to emerge. Those born during this time would likely always have an air of mystery about them that make people want to get closer. They may have a natural ability to more easily penetrate the minds of their fellow men’s psyche and break down the layers of what one may hide from even themselves.

Uranus in Sagittarius: those born between 1981 through 1988 would have this placement. During this time, the space shuttle began, while society began to grow a hunger for knowledge and it seemed nothing was enough anymore. Aids was at an all-time high in 1985 and music and film has a major growth of interest. Anyone born during this time would have a natural need for adventure and travel like never before. These people are likelier to have an urgency toward experience of all forms, while also maintaining a wise, but passionate approach in what they do. They may also be prideful about their beliefs, headstrong in their opinions, and may not be easily satisfied with what they already have because they seemingly always desire more.

Uranus in Capricorn: those born between 1988 until 1996 would have this placement. During this time, there was a huge surge in punk, grunge, and hip-hop. No longer interested in chaos, there was more of an expressive gloominess or a cynical attitude from famous faces and in their voices. Uranus, being rebellious, and Capricorn, being orderly- this placement is complex because although it desires calm, in its efforts to create it, it somehow stirs chaos on the way; although it is less obvious and may provoke confusion. Those born during this time would have a bigger need for order and tradition to be brought back to communities, but in a fresh and long-overdue way. They would unconsciously seek more structure in the way things have ran and have a deep sense that things have somehow gotten out of hand, but do not desire to make it the same way it was before. These people would have more of a conservative style and practical approach than previous generations.

Uranus in Aquarius: those born between 1996 until 2003 would have this placement. During this time, Uranus was at home in its sign of rebellion, Aquarius. In this period, new electronics were released as fast as lightening and many inventions became useful to the public; such as having a computer in the home, getting the internet, and buying a cellphone. There was also a surge in protesting and movements, specifically issues of black rights and racism. Of course, this time brought in the new millennium and the style was somewhat futuristic, especially within pop culture. 9/11 devastatingly shook the world and a long war would begin in the middle-east. People who were born during this time have a natural understanding of technology that the generations before did not. They are forward-thinking and driven by science, intellect, and being completely unique and original, having no desire to fit inside of any box.

Uranus in Pisces: those born between 2003 through 2010 would have this placement. During this time, most of us lived through what is known as a “war on terror,” where many American people felt a sense of fear toward Muslim people, their culture, and especially their religion; having no idea that many that they feared weren’t even Muslim at all. Pisces can bring forth illusions and even delusions and the destruction happening in Iraq and surrounding countries was horrifying to many who were not part of any extremist groups who shared the ideals of those guilty for the 9/11 attacks. Having finally elected our first black president, President Barrack Obama sought to finally end the war! Those born during this time would have a more ethical and spiritual approach to their ideals. They bring forth the old with the new, finding new ways of doing old things, such as farming without harsh pesticides. Naturally, they’re more widely accepting and compassionate toward “outsiders”.

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