The Three Decans of Each Zodiac Sign

One concept that is often overlooked in astrological discussions is that of the decans. But what exactly are these decans, and how are they used in astrology? In this blog post, we will delve into the intricacies of the decans and explore their significance within each of the twelve zodiac signs and how the decans change the game.

To understand how a decan plays a part in each of the zodiac signs, we must first look at the degrees. The degrees are important to the entirety of the chart. There are a total of 360 degrees, while 30 of those degrees are in each of the signs.

In the image, look toward the outermost ring. There, you will see lines pointing toward the symbols. If you count them, you’ll find 30 in each box. If you start at the top with Sagittarius (♐) and begin on the right side, this is the first degree, while the last line on the left side is degree 30.

Still looking at the image, move your focus to the next circle where the planetary symbols are located. This is where personal degrees are found. If you locate the symbol of the Moon, you can see that it is at 8 degrees. Mars (♂) is at 3 degrees and Venus (♀) is at 15 degrees. What this means is that both the Moon and Mars are in the first decan, while Venus is in the second decan.

Just like the 360 total degrees are broken up by the zodiac signs and into 30 degrees, those 30 degrees can be broken down further into decans with 10 degrees, which have ten degrees in each. The first decan will contain 0-9 degrees. Decan two is made up of 10-19 degrees. Lastly, the third decan has 20-29 degrees.

Looking at the Moon in the image again, we can see that the Moon is in the first decan of Scorpio at 8 degrees. Mars is in the first decan of Gemini at 3 degrees. Venus is in the second decan of Pisces at 15 degrees. I challenge my readers to test themselves to see if they may find which planet is in the third decan.

The decans help astrologers to delve deeper into the personality traits and influences of individuals born under a specific zodiac sign. When identifying a sign with a decan, the unique qualities of each decan are highlighted, providing a more precise and detailed picture of an individual’s astrological makeup. By dividing Aries into three decans, for example, you see that there are actually three types of Aries.

An Aries born in the first decan at 0 degrees would be on the cusp of Pisces and would possess many Piscean qualities. They may be less competitive and more sensitive. An Aries born in the third decan at 29 degrees would be on the cusp of Taurus, having many characteristics of the bull. This type of Aries would likely be less aggressive and more stable. An Aries in the second decan may have the strongest Aries tendencies overall.


  • First Decan: Being close to Pisces, these individuals are oftentimes dreamier and more empathetic than the other Aries decans. They may have more patience, but can also be less physically active.
  • Second Decan: Having high amounts of Aries influence, Aries in the second decan people are willful, confident, and energetic. They have many of the qualities that are usually associated with Aries.
  • Third Decan: Being close to Taurus, this type of Aries is perhaps more quiet, grounded and stable than other Aries in different decans. They’re hard-working, stubborn, simple, and laid-back.


  • First Decan: People born in this decan is influenced by fiery Aries and may be less patient than other decans in Taurus because of it. They’re often sensual, yet passionate and relaxed, yet determined.
  • Second Decan: Individuals born in this decan are practical, stable, serious, patient, and reliable. This bull is highly influenced by Taurus because it sits in the very middle of the sign.
  • Third Decan: Those born in this decan have the influence of Gemini and may be prone to more interest in intellectual pursuits and enjoy communicating more than other decans in Taurus.


  • First Decan: The individuals born in this decan are also close to the sign of Taurus and may take on some of Taurus’ qualities. They’re inquisitive but calm and may struggle with less anxiety than the other Gemini Decans.
  • Second Decan: Those born in this decan are curious, sociable, and intellectually inclined. They may talk quickly and get easily distracted, leading them to move from one activity to the next.
  • Third Decan: Anyone born in this decan is also influenced by the water sign, Cancer. They may naturally possess more emotional intelligence and are often artistic, unconventional, and caring.


  • First Decan: Leaning toward Gemini, this Cancer is likely more intellectual and less emotionally reactive than other Cancer decans. They rely on more logic and less intuition but balance emotion and intellect well.
  • Second Decan: Being in the middle of Cancer, this decan is highly emotionally intelligent. They have a deep need to be loved and comforted and provide nurturing easily, especially in their family.
  • Third Decan: Cancers born within this decan have a certain strength and confidence that the previous decans find more challenges with gaining these traits. They’re oftentimes a bit more outgoing and optimistic too.


  • First Decan: Born closer to cancer than the other decans, this type of Leo is sometimes softer around the edges and more sensitive to other’s emotions. They may present themselves as mind in reactions.
  • Second Decan: Those born in this decan are less influenced by others signs, as they’re in the middle of the sign of Leo. They’re unapologetically confident, expansive, and fantastic at inspiring others to shine.
  • Third Decan: This type of Leo is influenced by Virgo and may seem slightly more critical and particular than the other Leo decans. They may express themselves more quietly or say fewer words in general.


  • First Decan: Having a bit of influence from Leo, this Virgo decan displays a bit more confidence than the others, while it is not flashy or overzealous. They may be a bit messier and more optimistic.
  • Second Decan: This Virgo likely shows the most obvious Virgo traits. They’re disciplined, detail-oriented, and highly focused. Being quite observant, they can also display tough criticism of others.
  • Third Decan: Out of the three Virgo decans, this one is generally the most artistic. They may enjoy building or crafting things and are more sensual and less grounded than other Virgo decans.


  • First Decan: Those born in this decan may be slightly more serious than other Libra decans. They’re readily able to stay on a single task, but may find themselves feeling more anxiety than other decans in Libra. diplomatic, charming, and peace-loving.
  • Second Decan: This decan naturally has the more obvious qualities of Libra, such as diplomacy, desire for a peaceful environment, and balancing with acts of justice for others.
  • Third Decan: Those born in this Libra decan are close to the sign of Scorpio, which means that they may have subtle characteristics of Scorpio. Perhaps they’re more mysterious and less social than other Libras.


  • First Decan: This Scorpio decan is close to Libra, which means they’ll share qualities. They may be more social, less intense, or have a more positive outlook than other Scorpio decans.
  • Second Decan: Being in the middle of the sign of Scorpio, this decan is perceptive, mysterious, and somewhat elusive. They have an intense and noticeable presence, despite not wanting to.
  • Third Decan: Close to the sign of Sagittarius, this Scorpio decan may be more adventurous and forthright in personality. They’re likely to enjoy reading, traveling, and outdoor activities, like camping.


  • First Decan: Although this decan is in Sagittarius, it is close to Scorpio. This means these individuals are not only philosophical and insightful but also transformative.
  • Second Decan: Being in the middle of Sagittarius, this decan involves people who are energetic, enthusiastic, and independent. They seek out adventure with a positive spirit.
  • Third Decan: As this decan in Sagittarius is near Capricorn, it usually indicates people who are visionaries. They will often work hard to achieve their goals and won’t stop until it’s done.


  • First Decan: Because this decan is close to Sagittarius, this Capricorn is oftentimes a bit more enthusiastic than the other Capricorn decans. They’re fun, but they’re also responsible.
  • Second Decan: This decan is in the middle of the sign of Capricorn, which means these folks are oftentimes practical, reliable, and loyal. They will go out of their way to be sure they’re excelling.
  • Third Decan: Being close to the sign of Aquarius, this Capricorn decan takes on some of the Aquarian qualities. They’re hard-working and dependable, but they’re also eclectic and serious.


  • First Decan: Because this Aquarian decan is nearer to the sign of Capricorn than others, it may take on some of the sign’s qualities. It may be more serious-minded, disciplined, and strategic.
  • Second Decan: Being in the middle of Aquarius, they individuals are intellectual, communicative, and usually are some type of humanitarian. They’re also innovative and eclectic.
  • Third Decan: As this Aquarian decan is near the sign of Pisces, it is somewhat a bit more sensitive than the other decans in Aquarius. It is also more quiet, reflective, and dreamy.


  • First Decan: Because this Pisces decan is close to the sign of Aquarius, it may be more innovative, forward-thinking, and sometimes scattered and flighty as well.
  • Second Decan: Individuals born within this decan are in the middle of Pisces and are less influenced by other signs. They’re often intuitive, idealistic, nurturing, and sensitive.
  • Third Decan: Anyone born under this decan is somewhat close to the sign of Aries, which makes this Pisces decan slightly more aggressive, competitive, and able to take initiative.

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