The 2nd House of Money and Possessions in Astrology

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The Second house is the house of money, possessions, all of one’s material worth, finances, personal security through wealth, financial responsibility, how easily one comes across money, how one perceives the idea of money, whether one cares about money or not, one’s tangible needs, one’s ability to survive with little wealth or desire for greater wealth, conscious and concrete manifestations, and other material values.

The 2nd house is often known as the Taurus house because it corresponds with the sign of Taurus. Although they are not the same, they have many of the same qualities. While the signs tell us the characteristics a person may have in their personality, the houses tell us how those characteristics are expressed.

Whenever a person has many planets within a single house, they generally express themselves through the manner of the house. If there are many planets in the second house, depending on the planets, it could either mean having lots of financial support and resources or struggling to make them.

If the person has no planets in the 2nd house, however, the financial and material experience they will have will generally be dependent on how hard one works at their literal job and at gaining financial support and resources.

Sun: Driven by power, geared toward accumulating personal resources, need for financial security, desire for material control, may see the status of wealth as worth and much energy goes toward working for what’s earned and enjoying it. On the other hand, one is highly generous with wealth, focuses on giving wealth to others freely, and spends money without too much concern, but will only continue to work for more.

Moon: Frequent changes in wealth, emotional attachments to material possessions, emotional status dependent on the current status of financial security or lack thereof, emotional insecurities arise when there’s a struggle with finances, domestic issues arise when finances aren’t in order, struggle with financial institutions, difficulty getting loans or paying them off, and happiness and balance could bring wealth.

Mercury: Can make money in language, speaking, writing, or teaching, can easily manipulate, may work in politics or law, tendency to gossip, is a wordsmith, dislikes for use of crude language, often has sisters or feminine brother, involved in community, may have love affair with neighbor(s), is an addict of information, nice voice, frequently takes notes, and is skilled at budgeting.

Venus: Financially lucky in marriage, upholds good public reputation, can easily solve problems in most situations by staying calm and maintaining environment’s balance, one’s ego, self-esteem, and self-worth are dependent upon attention and perception of one’s partner, has big or expensive wedding, fantastic relationship with business partners, and make work environment pleasant.

Mars: Much energy spent on accumulating wealth and possessions, very resourceful, especially during their middle ages of life. Strong drive to accumulate money, but stronger compulsion to spend it. May work in jobs that require competitive ways of earning money, inclined to have own business, competitiveness makes for great business sense, and not afraid to take financial risks.

Jupiter: Quite fortunate with money, the older one gets- the more wealth is earned if that’s what is desired, may own a lot of lands or other property, may spend as much money as is earned, sense of self-worth may come from possessions, spends quite a bit on travel, wealthy family, spends some wealth on higher education, diabetes possible, and supports charities.

Saturn: Highly ambitious, hard-working, can be a shrewd or fussy business person, responsible with finances, conservative, practical, possible greed over money or possessions, possible difficulty meeting financial goals, frequent delays in financial pursuits, dry sense of humor, good at saving money, careful with making money deals, and builds income quite slowly.

Uranus: Erratic habits in spending money, consistently unforeseen circumstances in financial pursuits, need for independence from family’s financial control or from titles and land that pushes one to begin own business, quite unstable earnings, may receive financial help from friends, flirty use of possessions, easily shares wealth, and may make a living working with friends.

Neptune: Self-deception when it comes to money, spends too easily until struggles with money arise, doesn’t understand the point of money, poor or careless use of finances, easily falls for other’s financial deceptions, highly enjoys privacy, creates art in secret, can make money off of selling one’s art, and underestimates chances of accumulating wealth.

Pluto: Powerful at the law of attraction for wealth/titles/material possessions, has the ability to make something from nothing, often comes up from poverty and makes much more for self and family, intimidating and intense presence, obsessive over wealth, total financial transformations, need for control over the finances, and secretive or illegal money-making.

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