The Astrology Houses: The 4th House of Home

7. Libra/Venus: Your home life needs pleasantries and peace. Conflict within your family or home-life causes you anxiety. You easily bend to the will of your family to maintain harmony, but are often stuck in the middle of two of them arguing, as you try and create balance. With age, your personal home gives you grace.

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The Astrological Houses

The 4th House of Home and Family:

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The Cancer House

The Fourth House is sometimes known as the Cancer house because it is the house of home and family, which are two things cancer often holds most dear. Crabs retreat into their shells when they sense changes in their environment and seek the places well-known to find comfort. Also ruled by the moon, the 4th house holds a lot of emotion and shows where/how we may express it.

While the signs and planets generally show us certain characteristics of our personality and specific events in life, the houses give us an idea of where these details are expressed. If you have mercury in the fourth house, this could mean you express your curiosities and intellect mostly at home or in front of your family.

If you have many planets that fall into the fourth house, this likely means that you find a lot of enjoyment in your home life. With many planets there, it would mean that the person probably possesses a lot of Cancer-like qualities. Unless, however, you have planets such as Mars and Pluto there. In that case, you may not be fond of neither your home nor family life.

What All Can Be Seen In The Fourth House?

The Fourth house is one of the four Angular houses (IC or Imum Coeli), along with the 1st, 7th, and 10th houses; aka the Ascendant, MC, and Descendant; aka the Aries House, the Libra House, and the Capricorn House.

Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn are all Cardinal signs.

Home/Domestic life, the relationships we have with our families (more specifically, our mother), how we spend our time at home, how easily we are able to find comfort and stability in a personal space that feels like home, where we retreat to guard ourselves, where we release our emotional selves, where we relax, where we allows our most vulnerable selves to speak, real estate, inherited properties, ancestors and lineages, etc.

Our Childhood home, memories of the home we grew up in, whether or not our childhood was good, bad, or just mundane, our private life, security, family traditions, family rivalry, family tension, family abuse, family trauma, your relationship with your father, your grandparents, aunts, uncles, where most of us feel most genuine and natural, roots, foundations, and structure.

What it Means to Have this Sign or Planet in the Fourth House:

Disclaimer: If your fourth house contains Mercury, read both Gemini and Virgo. If your fourth house contains Venus, read both Taurus and Libra. If you’re fourth house is ruled by Taurus, however, only read Taurus and not Taurus and Libra.

1. Aries/Mars: You often have to take charge of many things within your family or at home. You can be pushy with them, however, and unwilling to compromise. The older you get, the more energy you seem to have for family. You create many family activities and stay quite youthful and fun no matter your age.

2. Taurus/Venus: You need to have security and solidity in your home-life to be happy. Something large, giving you plenty of space, and of good value is important for your home. You’re huge on giving great gifts to your family members. It is important that wherever you live, you have an outdoor space to ground yourself.

3. Gemini/Mercury: Though it may or may not be far, you move frequently. You find it difficult to make meaningful relationships with many family members. You may go to every family function, but always feel as if something is missing between you and them. The older you get, the more curious you become.

4. Cancer/Moon: You’re curious to know your ancestry as far back as you can possibly go. Very close to your family, you never stray far from them for long. You’re attached to your family’s traditions and will likely pass them down. Much of your life is spent with your family members and your partner must understand this.

5. Leo/Sun: Within your family, you are the entertainer! Your family may be quite cheerful, loud, and out-going people who just love having child-like fun. The nicer and comfier your home, you better you feel about yourself. With age, you gain more confidence to entertain those around you without feeling insecure.

6. Virgo/Mercury: You’re the family organizer and your home is tidy and structured. Some may even call you OCD. Unable to relax in a chaotic and unorganized home, you may be critical of your family at times. This may be inaccurate if you’re still young. You’re likely to need more order as you age.

7. Libra/Venus: Your home life needs pleasantries and peace. Conflict within your family or home-life causes you anxiety. You easily bend to the will of your family to maintain harmony, but are often stuck in the middle of two of them arguing, as you try and create balance. With age, your personal home gives you grace.

8. Scorpio/Pluto: You don’t talk about your family or home-life outside of them. You keep home a private matter. Intense relationships within your family doesn’t mean you don’t always fiercely protect and defend them. You discover all of their secrets and are the dominant personality among them.

9. Sagittarius/Jupiter: You want a spacious home and an even larger family OR you grew up in a big family. Your fam is a huge priority and you want nothing but the best for them. Making serious efforts to form close bonds with them, you’re rewarded in your older life with wealth in every possible way!

10. Capricorn/Saturn: With your family, you take on a lot of responsibility, even when you don’t have to. As the glue that holds everything together, you have a practical approach to home-life. You don’t grow very attached to your family until you’re much older in life and it took a lot of maturity to get you there.

11. Aquarius/Uranus: You just can’t help but want a non-conventional home. Likely not very interested in having a “normal” family in the suburbs life, you may not easily settle. You will, however, have emotional bonds to some members. It is you that brings originality and creativity to your family’s members.

12. Pisces/Neptune: The state of your well-being has a lot to do with your family’s status. You have very strong ties to them emotionally. Depending on family to support you in your decisions, home is your safe space. You can be idealistic, however, and must try and see them for the individuals they are, even when you struggle.

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