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The Houses: The 7th House of Partners and Relationships

It’s Libra season for the sun! And that means it’s a time to balance whatever is under or overnourished! While we’re in Libra season, it’s no better time to talk about the 7th house of partnerships and relationships.


Because the seventh house is the Libra house and Libra is here to form partnerships, harmonize with their fellow men, bring peace and passive attitudes, balance themselves and others, etc. It’s time to weigh up the metaphorical scales.

What this also means, however, we often unconsciously project aspects of ourselves that we don’t like onto those we get close to; more specifically, our partners! When we begin to realize there are things that we don’t like in someone else, we progressively move toward not having those qualities and thus, begin to change.

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The Libra House


This is the house of marriage, partnerships, relationships, balance, relating to others, harmony, justice, working with others, ties, enemies, rivalries, pairs, friendships, one-on-one’s, love, cooperation, parties, social gatherings, projections, mirroring another, and understanding people as a whole.

Another thing about this house is that it is much less personal than the first house. Houses 1-6 are all personal houses that involve one’s own experiences and their direct influence on that person’s life based on how they see the world; and how their personality traits play a role in that perception of the experience. On the other hand, the houses 7-12 reflect the first six houses, but involve others.

Here’s what I mean: House 1 is the individual ego, while house 7 is where the ego makes partnerships and begins to reshape. House 2 is everything one can possess in the tangible world, while house 8 is about the afterlife and obsessive behaviors. House 3 is about communication, while house 9 is about travel and philosophy. House 4 is about one’s home and family-life, while house 10 is about the career we choose to satisfy the family that we’ve now created. House 5 is about having fun and being creative, while house 11 is about groups and organizations. House 6 is about one’s health, while house 12 is about hospitals, prisons, rehabs, etc.

As you can see, each house has a house that is directly opposite itself. As I mentioned above, house 7 is directly opposite house 1 as we move from the individual self to understanding ourselves through another.

The Seventh House

Take a look at your chart and see BOTH: 1.) What sign rules your seventh house and 2.) Whether or not there are any planets in your seventh house. Both of these things play a factor into your partnerships in life.

Keep in mind also that if you have more than one planet in your seventh house, or any house, as well as having aspects to this house can contradict and/or make the house more complex. If this is the case, further investigation and research may be required to understand the house you’re looking into.

Aries/Mars: This placement increases marriage issues, especially with one’s temperament and anger toward their partner. This person is usually not a team-player and doesn’t enjoy taking a back seat to anyone, much less an equal counterpart, because they’re very competitive. They want to be in charge and can even be intolerable toward their partners. This person has a very lively and passionate sex life with their partner, but can be hasty and unfaithful if unhappy and challenged emotionally by the partner or the partner’s family.

Taurus/Venus (Venus, also look at Libra/Venus): To this person, a partner is generally indicated by someone who is financially stable and settled in routine and life. Quite afraid of challenges and discomfort other personality types would bring them, they’re serious about who they allow in their hearts and beds. On the other hand, once they get a taste of these qualities, they can easily fall into co-dependency, lack self-awareness, and even become shallow and materialistic spouses who expect to be taken care of. This comes from their unconscious need to possess people.

Gemini/Mercury (Merc., also look at Virgo/Merc): If the person you date doesn’t engage your heart and stimulate your mind at the same time, your body will not be okay with them touching you. This placement indicates confliction of the mind/body, body/heart, heart/mind, etc. Either way, the most important/attractive quality in a person for them is someone who can make them laugh, teach them new things, and engage in frequent debate and discussion. Perhaps you encounter frequent flings, but this is because you keep it so casual at first and often decide quite suddenly it’s going nowhere.

Cancer/Moon: This person can be anywhere, within anything, and with anyone. They blend so perfectly that the room forms them or they form the room and there’s no difference. At some point, however, they may gain a shallow reputation because of this; although it was never their intention to be shallow. They only wanted to understand all walks of life. It’s not unusual for this person to have a jealous spouse who leaves for similar reasons. This person needs someone as sensitive as they are, who will give them affection and freedom. Family is very involved here as well.

Leo/Sun: This person is very reactive to other’s and their treatment toward them. They’re shaped by the partnerships they create. It is literally in the lifeforce that drives them to create harmonious bonds between themselves and others they care for. As if only realizing who they are or who they want to be can be done through knowing another (very deeply) that they finally fuel their purpose and calm the ongoing, anxious search. However, this person should never settle for less than valued. There is potential here to meet someone of high status, power, or reputation- that equally loves them.

Virgo/Mercury (Merc, also look at Gemini/Merc): The most important thing for you is to be with someone who is grounded in reality and practical in their approach to daily living. Any strange, risky antics or unreliability will make you run in the other direction. It’s even indicated by this placement that this individual runs from their partner when they’re into them too. If the partner is into you as well, they must be the type of person that things you’re simply worth it to chase after and drag you back to validate their feelings for you multiple times.

Libra/Venus (Venus, also look at Taurus/Venus): Anyone who is too loud or aggressive with you will never do. This individual needs someone who is charming and polite. Some of them, however, will end up with con-artists and players. After being betrayed once or twice, you become much choosier about who you allow in. You’re independent and don’t need anyone, but you do crave a partner and a good connection to someone, however. When your expectations become grounded and you find that person, you’ll both have to be careful not to take or give too much from one another and compromise instead.

Scorpio/Pluto: It isn’t uncommon for this person to many times become involved in strange, toxic, or even dangerous relationships- from abusive partners, to manipulating co-workers, to obsessive stalkers. Somehow, this person is usually dealing with karma that is trying to work itself out in this life. Although seemingly horrifying to onlookers and passerby’s, this person also has some rather successful and blissful times too. A difficult path sometimes, this person makes a great listener and an understanding, intense, deep soul, who truly transforms those who bond to them.

Sagittarius/Jupiter: This person usually gets other’s attention by ways of philosophy or knowledge acquired through travelling and getting to know the world on a level much deeper than the surface. Oftentimes, they marry someone, quite coincidentally, who expands this person culturally as well as financially. The downside to this placement is that the person may also have a “grass is always greener on the other side” mentality and that can cause real trouble for them; if they’re not mindful. Be careful not to trust too easily, following a period of self-doubt and giving up partnerships entirely.

Capricorn/Saturn: Serious-minded about relationships they choose to get into, this person doesn’t open up very easily, but it also doesn’t give up easily. In fact, they’ll usually endure a terrible marriage than let it go because they’re that stubborn and afraid to open up to someone else all over again. Sometimes, they marry older people, who already have success or money, and don’t rush to communicate at a deeper level with their partner. There could even be some type of double-life, while also staying loyal; such as keeping work and friends separate from family and home.

Aquarius/Uranus: This personal often has to deal with extreme changes in partnerships and usually it’s by the choices or actions of the person they’re involved with. Unfortunately, their love lives swing like a pendulum. They do, however, have a colorful array of relationships and never give u. Always learning something new about people as a whole, they’ll usually choose quite bizarre or eccentric types to involve themselves with, even if they themselves are conservative. Having a romantic and dreamy outlook, they’re very attractive to others. If they marry, it will be an odd/unordinary marriage.

Pisces/Neptune: This person is oftentimes quite disillusioned about their relationships with others. Although they could have literal psychic realizations about who their partner actually is and where the relationship is going, it it isn’t in favor of their dreams, they’ll still deny it even happening. Not realizing how high their standards are, however, this person’s dreams are usually dramatically shot down at a sudden heartbreak. After an-other(s) has completely taken advantage of this person do they finally realize commitments and/or marriage is sometimes hard and imperfect, but should but fair.

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