The 9th House of Philosophy and Travel in Astrology

The 9th house is oftentimes referred to as the house of Sagittarius as Sagittarius naturally rules this house. This sign of the zodiac is a fire element sign and possesses a fiery and passionate spirit. They are almost always willing to fight for what they believe in, but their battle is generally fought through the power of wisdom. Ruled by the planet Jupiter, Sagittarius is expansive, lucky, and optimistic.

Furthermore, Sagittarius is a sign that is incredibly honest. Although they don’t always consider the consequences of their words before they speak them, they are thoughtful nonetheless and spend a great deal of time in reflection. This careful consideration of the world around them, while also craving a variety of life’s experiences through culture, is what gives Sagittarius the ability to stand in the role of a Sage or a Philosopher.

Likewise, the 9th house is the house of philosophy, higher education, spiritual adventures, long-distance travel, speaking authentically on opinions of what feels morally or ethically right, moving abroad, visiting overseas, studying other religions, and interacting with people of different backgrounds. In the 9th House, we may also find academic achievements, globalization, and distant relatives around the world.

It is common for people who have a planet or two in the 9th house to be from two or more religious upbringings. Similarly, they could have parents of different cultural backgrounds. Sometimes, these individuals are biracial or multiracial. Regardless, it’s usually an indication that their family and lineage are of two distinct groups of people in some way.

Having many planets in the 9th house may mean that one has traveled or moved far away quite frequently at some point in their life. On the other hand, they may travel abroad and during that time meet their spouse. If the spouse is met near their home, they may move with their partner overseas. Chances are, however, these individuals have plans to travel and learn about other people from around the world in some way.

Having no planets in the 9th house doesn’t necessarily mean that these people will not travel abroad or attain higher education. When there are no planets in a house, it is important to check the personal natal chart to see what sign rules their 9th house. For more information, it is usually helpful to see what aspects are made to the 9th house as well.

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Sun: No matter what this person is into, they always have this burning desire to broaden their horizons and grow in every venture they have their hands in. There is also a tendency here to lead. Even if they are new to whatever group they’re in, they’ll almost immediately (even without having awareness of this) have a deep feeling of need to work toward being at the top. This person is very informed, challenging to social norms, and demonstrative. A bit overly confident, they can seem bossy and loud from the sidelines. Their intentions are good and they are often left feeling misunderstood because of these innocent, yet bold traits.

Moon: These people are rather dreamy individuals who can be quite the visionaries. They believe that good and small deeds can change the universe. They’re the type that will tell you to “pay it forward” if they are able to extend a hand in some way. The only issue, however, is that within their spiritual beliefs, it’s rather difficult for them to stay focused on only one thing at a time because their eyes on the universe are so large. Sometimes a bit absent-minded, they can be forgetful and silly, but they’re definitely not stupid! This placement is happiest when they can help out while being creative at the same time.

Mercury: This is a very common placement for writers, journalists, professors, researchers, and the like. The reason for this career choice for this person is because, throughout life, they are constantly seeking new information and have a deep “need to know” within any subject that they feel they aren’t proficient, if not mastered, in. Charming and well-read, this person can spend hours debating and chatting about different rules, cultures, foods, etc. And most people highly enjoy their conversations because they seem to always walk away from them having learned something new.

Venus: It is very common for this person to either fall in love with someone while they’re traveling or someone from another culture/country OR for this person to be a love child of two parents who are from very, very different walks of life– giving this person a love for the world and all of its inhabitants and a love for traveling and learning about other peoples. Freedom-loving and highly independent by nature, Venus in the 9th house gets along with the majority of people quite well because they truly take the time to understand others from different backgrounds. The only complication here is being in love with someone who is potentially at a very far distance.

Mars: This person likely has a kind of primitive and sexual, need to learn and explore the world, which will bring them spiritual satisfaction. They are blessed with very high amounts of energy, but can sometimes be too headstrong and naïve at the same time. For this person, there is never an end in sight to making new memories, but this can sometimes mean losing sight of what is important and sometimes even totally missing the point of why they even made the choice to go on any such adventure in the first place. One should allow themselves to also be influenced by emotions as much as ambition.

Jupiter: This is the Sagittarius house, so both Sagittarius and Jupiter feel at home in this house. This person is highly philosophical and probably possesses a lot of wisdom that comes directly from the collective consciousness. Most likely feeling as though they are here for a specific purpose, this person is probably quite comfortable traveling and being around different groups of people, where they can share their optimism and ideals freely. They may have a blog write journal publications or invest much of their time sharing stories of the world and their travel discoveries.

Saturn: Although the person who has this placement is very methodical and philosophical, it may not be public knowledge. In fact, they may rarely ever share their deep, inner thoughts about reality with anyone because this person is untrusting of others and not super confident in these “private” ponderings. They’re actually reserved about what they’re unsure of and prefer talking about things that they think they KNOW instead. The problem with not discussing or debating what may or may not be true (depending on who you ask), is that it leaves a lot of room for overthinking and becoming self-critical.

Uranus: As Uranus and Aquarius are the sign and planet of all things a bit odd, quirky, and eccentric, this placement gives us a person whose beliefs do not necessarily line up with everyone else’s. Having their own set of principles, this person is someone who goes their own way, thinks for themselves, and doesn’t need to be led by anyone else or come up with a belief system based on another’s to be confident in what they feel is divine wisdom. This person rarely seeks validation from anyone, but will gladly converse with whoever is interested in their point of view on the topic.

Neptune: This person’s life (my own placement) is usually filled with mystical experiences that others may not understand or even believe. This placement makes a person who goes through life unconsciously seeking answers to big questions and they’re usually filled with tons of knowledge and wisdom. The downfall here, however, is that this can sometimes make such a person seem distracted from mundane, but necessary tasks. Once they realize how behind they are in reality, they get very overwhelmed suddenly. Nonetheless, this placement gifts psychic ability and profound, otherworldly experiences that generally can’t be explained to just anyone.

Pluto: Whatever religious affairs this person is involved in, they are intense. It’s possible that this person is practically married to their religious beliefs, perhaps even grew up with them and will allow follow them (such as a commitment to a cult), but if not, they may be so wrapped up in their beliefs that they make a huge move and even leave their family to pursue these religious affairs. This person goes through highly transformative experiences and may heavily believe that sex is a powerful tool. This placement is the role of a dominatrix or one who travels for sex or sexual empowerment.

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