The Planets: The Moon

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The Moon’s Representation in Astrology:

Sign: Cancer Element: Water House Association: 4th Symbol: Unconscious

Phases of the moon

The moon is a symbol of the mother, feminine energy, the female hormones, feminine reproduction and sex, mood shifts, how we nurture others, how affectionate we are, how we accept affection, maternity, motherhood, pregnancy, the past, home, earliest part of our lives, our actual birth, early childhood, our mother, and our relationship with our mother.

More intimately, the moon is the symbol for the inner self. It symbolizes needs, desires, feelings, animal and basic instincts, safety, security, habitual patterns, immediate reactions and responses, intuition, reflection, imagination, and most sensitive parts of ourselves.

As far as the physical body, the moon is responsible for breasts, stomach, symphatic system, digestive system, uterus, ovaries, cervix, etc. This means that if you have any health issues surrounding these areas/organs, the moon may have some benefic aspects.

The Moon Through the Signs:

Aries– Aggressive, and/or quick and hot tempered

Taurus– Stable, but stubborn/fixed emotions

Gemini– Moods will depend on the external factors of one’s life

Cancer– Powerful feminine energy that can be difficult to control

Leo– Dynamic and broad emotional stage

Virgo– Emotional moods always pass through logic filter before reacting

Libra– balanced and connected to loving emotions

Scorpio– intuitive, but suspicious and often secretive

Sagittarius– Inner urge to expand frequently, which can be volatile

Capricorn– Feels emotionally pressured and is rather serious

Aquarius– Unpreditable, altruistic emotions

Pisces– Difficult and sensitive emotions

The Moon through the Houses:

1st– Female Bio-cycles can connect with the moon

2nd– needs belongings for security

3rd– Very receptive mind; has a talent for imitations/mocking

4th– Gives lots of hugs and other affections

5th– Behaves in a rather theatrical way

6th– Has frequent chances of jobs, but can also be workaholic

7th-The need to blend together with another soul

8th– Can manipulate energy and has very deep emotions

9th– High moral value; usually of mixed race or cultural background

10th– Overly concerned with public image, but possibility of fame

11th– Prevailing in groups and collaborations

12th– Highly intuitive and hypersensitive to energy changes

Domicile: Cancer– Attracts an easy flow of energy. (Moon is home in Cancer.)

Detriment: Capricorn– Has to work a bit harder to express genuine emotions

Exalted: Taurus– Very powerful position; adds fortune and ease

Fall: Scorpio– Struggles to properly channel moon’s energy

When you look up at the moon tonight, remember…

You are more than your sun sign!


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