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The Planets: The Moon Through the Signs

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The Moon’s Representation in Astrology:

Sign: Cancer Element: Water House Association: 4th Symbol: Unconscious

The moon is a symbol of the mother, feminine energy, the female hormones, feminine reproduction and sex, mood shifts, how we nurture others, how affectionate we are, how we accept affection, maternity, motherhood, pregnancy, the past, home, earliest part of our lives, our actual birth, early childhood, our mother, and our relationship with our mother.

More intimately, the moon is the symbol for the inner self. It symbolizes needs, desires, feelings, animal and basic instincts, safety, security, habitual patterns, immediate reactions and responses, intuition, reflection, imagination, and most sensitive parts of ourselves.

As far as the physical body, the moon is responsible for breasts, stomach, symphatic system, digestive system, uterus, ovaries, cervix, etc. This means that if you have any health issues surrounding these areas/organs, the moon may have some benefic aspects.

The Moon Through the Signs:

Aries– If your moon sign is in Aries, your internal self is passionate and you have an inner need, which may not even be verbally expressed, to do things on your own. You don’t like criticism because you prefer to learn independently as you go and you’ll likely not easily listen if someone insists on attempting to teach you. You’re dynamism is your leading personality aspect, but you may be easily frustrated and this is usually due to things simply not going your way, not being the best at something at the very beginning, or being challenged by someone else. You may have a tendency to get angry rather than sad and this may be due to subconsciously holding the belief that tears mean weakness. Or, your deeper emotions can only be expressed through what seems like anger to others, although you know you’re actually hurt. It’s possible that you feel a part of you is trapped inside of yourself or that your emotions are blocked somehow. Breathing exercises and meditation could help you balance the energy pent up within.

Taurus-This bull-headed moon sign spends the majority of their time creating stability and building immovable foundations. However, as this is the Taurus exaltation, they are also pleasure-seekers. Having a down-to-earth, mellow attitude, (depending on the sign and rise sign), they can sometimes prefer avoiding realities or problems and act quite passively. The trouble with this is that they will oftentimes withdrawal from their own needs and give into the needs of others first to ensure their surroundings stay comfortable, but this can also mean that when they’re tired of feeling overwhelmed by this, they tend to suddenly explode and becoming irrationally stubborn. Their responses are often more receptive than responsive, but this can leave others feeling like they don’t know what’s going on inside of them. Although Taurus moon is a pleasure to be around most of the time, their emotions, insecurities, fears, etc. remain internal. They may have an unconscious habit of looking too closely into small details to protect themselves from perceived threats, which can create a barrier between who they are and who they appear to be.

Gemini– With the moon in Gemini, you need to know as much information as you possibly can. Some may even call you an information addict. Instinctively, you are a multi-tasker; constantly moving from one group of people to another, or from one task to another and effortlessly blending in and actively enjoying the experiences. It may be best to pay close attention to how thin you spread your energy because doing too many things at once not only means you will probably not actually get a lot done, but you will hit a point of exhaustion, risking your health and safety. Gemini moon often has a hard time expressing any emotions and may have a hard time feeling their emotions at all. Instead, they tend to rationalize everything and unfortunately, leave many of their real emotions trapped inside of them. This can cause frustration and eventually, this may lead to confusing outbursts of projections onto others as their overwhelming mental energy tries to find a way to make sense of things and ground.

Cancer– Having your moon sign in cancer can be very hard to tame. This placement is in it’s sign of rulership and that means that cancer moons feel every emotion extremely intensely. They may feel that they need to guard themselves from others because they’re misunderstood by their ease of expression, which the majority only control and hide, whereas they may lack control over, causing them a sense of shame. They are hyper-sensitive beings with unmatched intuitive wisdom, which can frequently be overwhelming to them. These people may perhaps deal with severe anxiety as a result, especially in social dynamics. Their behavior comes from their instincts, making them prone to sleepwalking or acting out dreams. As they are channels for transmitting cosmic/divine information, they have a habit of carrying strong emotional burdens. It’s important for them to have the support of their family so that they don’t isolate, which they have a tendency to do. Either they are hermits or they’re tons of fun to be around, making sure everyone feels their strong love.

Leo– Leo moon demands respect and admiration over love and likeability. They are supportive, fierce, and loyal friends like no other moon sign and they may be too prideful to ask for a lot. They feel a WIDE range of emotions and express them with ease. If you think this person is dramatic, however, it’s definitely not for show; at least, not always! They radiate their emotions heavily and when they’re sad, you may feel anxious around them because it’s deep! If they’re happy, however, you’ll be on their high too and it’s a plane that can only be reached by the sun, which rules Leo 🌞Lastly, these guys grow up with a feeling that they need to lead others somehow. When they feel they’re falling short, they have an enormous amount of pride and seem to think they’re always right, no matter the proof in front of them. It’s simply hard for them to admit defeat or to be told something is impossible. They’re not easily convinced that their charm, hard-work, or creativity isn’t enough to lead them to the top.

Virgo– Hating any spotlight on them and choosing the sidelines, Virgo moon is even more guarded than Virgo sun! They prefer being the leader that plays his part in the background, having no issue with not getting the pat on the back they already gave themselves. It’s hard to believe because in their groups, they are the supportive therapists, who freely gives advice. With moon here, this individual seems picky and critical to/of others, but it’s due to their own lack of self-confidence. This type of person does best with love and encouragement from those they choose to keep close. They aim to please and most likely show their love to others by teaching them things they’re interested in. If they’ve taken an interest in something, they likely know nearly everything about it. Between teaching and loving, this is the area where Virgo moon gets comfortable and shows that they are actually the hunter and you are the prey, but it will be very difficult to notice because they possess a lot of tact, grace, and patience.

Libra– There is an odd trend of Libra moons getting married quite early in life! Most of the time, they end up marrying their high school sweetheart or their first love. If not marriage, they have likely had a long and serious relationship very early in life. Libra moon has a seriously deep need to bond with someone close to them and have a solid partnership. If they lack this, they may act out in ways that may mean they seek this at an unconscious level. Like Libra sun, Libra moon rarely goes anywhere alone and has many large groups of friends. They truly feel they can belong anywhere and people love having them around too. Striving for the best, Libra moon can sometimes have an idealistic outlook on things and unfortunately, this can lead to disappointments. They’re easily excited thinking of possibilities and easily hurt when their ideals don’t come to fruition. Seeing a world through a lens of what can always be improved, they can often forget to look at what is already going well and miss out of opportunities right in front of them.

Scorpio-Sensual, intuitive, and very intense, Scorpio moon has a knack for diving into someone else’s hidden world with a mere glance and understanding that we’re all human inside too. When provoked, they’re not opposed to going to great lengths to get revenge, but they don’t actually go through life wishing to hurt anyone at all. They’re imaginative, passionate, ambitious too, so they won’t quit until they’ve gotten whoever they’re chasing- whether it be for love, hate, or out of obsession. This placement can mean that this person senses thoughts and emotions in others that perhaps others don’t even realize about themselves. They can make the people in their lives feel like they’re somehow reading their minds. This can create paranoia in both parties and this mystery can be an intriguing draw toward Scorpio moon for others. Lastly, if Scorpio moon gets a stomach ache when you’re around, it’s because they’re likely picking up on your anxiety or sadness! They’re sometimes frighteningly in tune to others and can lead their family and friends deep into their own minds.

Sagittarius– Inside of your heart is just a big Buddha- laughing, wondering and waiting for the next experience of life so that you can gather your thoughts to chase after your new curiosity, but make sure you finish the other one first this time! Inside of you, Sagittarius moon, you are delving into seriously huge questions about life and maybe even existence. You might have a curiosity in metaphysics, giving you a dreamy and romantic quality, but without the mystery of Scorpio possesses. You may sometimes rush through things because you just suddenly grow tired of it. You take in new interests, hobbies, and projects constantly, but may lack the patience to stay around long enough to become a master at anything you’re began. It’s the excitement of the future that attracts you, Sag. Staying in the present is something you’re good at when it comes to adventures, but you’ll do it with the mindset of how it impacts everything ahead of you. Be careful not to build an entire mountain just to see the possibility of a bigger one ahead of you, leaving everything you built behind.

Capricorn– Your sense of self-respect and self-love seem to be defined by how successful you are and your standards are quite high for yourself, but you can do anything as long as you keep trying! And you’ll likely keep trying until you’ve surpassed your own standards and not until then. You’re quite independent, reserved (not shy), ambitious, and sometimes even a bit bossy. Being a cardinal sign, Capricorn likes to manage and can come off as cold and cutting in communication. Because you’re unsure of yourself emotionally, but quite confident in most other areas, you are pretty hot and cold and possibly even confusing to others. Your actions and reactions are sometimes based off of your need to succeed and the mood you feel based on how much you’re accomplishing that day. One day you’re ready to commit to a relationship and the next you don’t even call. Either way, it’s important to be a bit more cautious of how and what you give and take with others and decide if it’s for the right reasons. Feeling vulnerable may be quite an uncomfortable place for you, but when you do open up, you’re generally glad you did.

Aquarius– If not in the way that you live, then perhaps you enjoy spending much of your time in group chats or discussions; investing ideas by communicating unguarded philosophies. You aren’t afraid to get too close because you’re one of the few who understands that you’re never truly alone and yet you somehow remain a free and independent mover and shaker in all that you do. You’re a natural freedom-fighter and you will rally for your cause, not matter the consequence. Your attitude is buyout and liberating, but play fair! It’s truly not as easy for everyone to just do as they please. If you look deeply within yourself, you may realize, at some point, that you crave deep closeness and true connection with another, but you would never settle for less than you deserve. Try not to spread yourself too thin with shallow, short relationships. You’ll be popular regardless. More meaningful relationships will only be as open to you as you are to them. The people in your life desire your loyalty and your love, but you are righteous in your movement and hard to catch for long.

Pisces– If your natal moon sign is in Pisces, you don’t even need words to understand how someone truly feels. You sometimes leave others feeling exposed when you psychically read them without even meaning to. You’re an emotional sponge within every atmosphere and this can lead you to depression if not handled with care. Although you’re very supportive and gentle to those you care about, you can get easily overwhelmed by intense energies or dark feelings and it’s important you take plenty of time to decompress. To stay more organized, on top of your responsibilities, don’t forget to also do things you enjoy. For the company and the love you frequently need to be reminded you have, a Pisces moon pretty much always needs a pet or two. You understand that words can create chaos and confusion and sometimes companions without words become your best friends. Having this comfort to come home to will help keep you going when you want to give up. Having something that depends on you for survival allows you to feel more capable yourself.

The Moon through the Houses:

1st– Female Bio-cycles can connect with the moon

2nd– needs belongings for security

3rd– Very receptive mind; has a talent for imitations/mocking

4th– Gives lots of hugs and other affections

5th– Behaves in a rather theatrical way

6th– Has frequent chances of jobs, but can also be workaholic

7th-The need to blend together with another soul

8th– Can manipulate energy and has very deep emotions

9th– High moral value; usually of mixed race or cultural background

10th– Overly concerned with public image, but possibility of fame

11th– Prevailing in groups and collaborations

12th– Highly intuitive and hypersensitive to energy changes

Domicile: Cancer– Attracts an easy flow of energy. (Moon is home in Cancer.)

Detriment: Capricorn– Has to work a bit harder to express genuine emotions

Exalted: Taurus– Very powerful position; adds fortune and ease

Fall: Scorpio– Struggles to properly channel moon’s energy

When you look up at the moon tonight, remember…

You are more than your sun sign!


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