The 6th House of Service and Health in Astrology

The sixth house in Astrology is also known as the Virgo house. Within it is where life’s aspects surrounding health and service may be found. Likewise, we can find our work ethic, our attitude toward serving and working for and with others, our pets or our connection with animals, our daily routines, and our ability to handle responsibility.

Furthermore, the sixth house may indicate even more specific details that could indicate more intimately how we live our lives. This may include elements such as general hygiene, cleanliness, diets, fitness regimens, exercise routines, the ability to handle crises in health-related matters, habits, and lifestyle patterns, and how we deal with stresses and pressures.

Those with multiple planets in the sixth house, depending on the planets, may have an overabundance of Virgo or sixth-house energy. What this may mean is that there could be a tendency to things like OCD, an intense focus on tidiness, or being a hypochondriac. If the planets are malefic, however, it could result in someone who is overly critical of others and struggles to maintain organization within their lives.

If one does not have any planets in the sixth house, it does not mean that they are lacking in any of the qualities mentioned above. If there’s an absence of planets here, it generally means that the person is average within the sixth house qualities, such as health and routine. Meanwhile, anyone could have many planets that aspect the sixth house or no aspects at all and it is worth investigating. Something else to check out for more insight is the house that rules the person’s sixth house.

Planets in the Sixth House

Sun: No matter what line of work you do, you take pride in it. Your only downfall at work is that you need validation from your leaders to know that you’re doing a good job. It’s possible that you feel you aren’t recognized enough for your hard work. When/if this is the case, your health takes a hit, coincidentally. You could be some type of entertainer, like an actor, or any other role that requires you to be under the spotlight or within the public eye. Always lift heavy objects with your legs because you are prone to pulling muscles in your mid/lower back.

Moon: It is easy for you to become emotionally attached to your work, but you have a natural talent for soothing others or attending to the emotional needs of those in your work area. In fact, your job may be somehow related to healing of some kind. If you’re a leader, you’re a good one–although some people may try and dominate you or seem to lack respect for you, so don’t be afraid to be a little harder on those types. It could also be a possibility that you work with family or at home. There is an increased risk of developing abdominal or chest issues here, so be mindful.

Mercury: You’re very detail-oriented and may even be known as someone who has a hawk eye. Nothing gets passed you– especially at work. As practical as they come, your leaders may recognize you as someone they can always depend on. You’re very health-oriented and probably have a routine of eating quite healthy and making sure to never get too physically unfit, but if you do, you feel extreme guilt in being unfit. You may actually work in health care or do something that involves animals.

Venus: You are a slow and steady worker; regardless, you are responsible and reliable and will get the job done well. With a tendency to be a bit lazy if not motivated, it may be hard for you to stick to your goals if you’re feeling uninspired. There’s a possibility that you meet your spouse or someone that you fall in love with in a work environment, or while one of you is at work. It is important that you actually enjoy your work. Otherwise, you will make many justifications as to why you refuse to go.

Mars: You’re a very hard worker, but may become impatient with coworkers when they do not work as hard as you do. Although it is sometimes difficult for you to stay on top of exercise, it is important for you to feel fit and healthy. In the past, you may have had problems with authority or have been told you don’t listen to others very well and may do better working alone or being your own boss. It is likely that when you were growing up, you played many sports and at some point, joined the military, police force, or something similar in nature.

Jupiter: You’re super fun to work with, but you may lack taking on much responsibility at work and often get into trouble with your superiors, but manage to slide by. On the other hand, there’s also an equal chance that you overwork, if you enjoy your job, and often drink after your shift. In this case, you may begin having weight problems or issues with your liver or kidneys. You’re rather philosophical and often give advice at work. With a love for traveling and adventure, your work may involve exploration, like writing a travel blog. It’s also possible that you’re some type of teacher or professor.

Saturn: When it comes to work, you’re there to work and you’d really rather not waste your time. You’re practical and will work very hard, if it’s worth the money or gain in status. Quite dedicated to the work you do and loyal to your leaders, you can stay at a job for a long time, if you’re also treated well. If you go through a period without a job, you may fall into depression and stay home for too long, however. You’re likely into politics or law and may have a government job or own your own business. Pay attention to joint problems or issues with your teeth or skin.

Uranus: You’re quite a progressive person and you’re always thinking ahead, creating strategies or new ideas on how something can be improved or evolved. For this reason, you may do some unusual work or literally get paid to create. Fascinated by the minds of others, it’s easy for you to get along with groups and probably prefer teamwork rather than going solo. You may have some strange health issues, but it is likely all caused by your nerves or nervous system, which you should ground and meditate to ease your suffering.

Neptune: However your health depends on the emotional ties you have with your job. A bit idealistic about the work you do, it may be a bit difficult for you to keep a job or you may frequently change jobs due to drama or emotional bonds being broken within your work environment. It’s not unlikely that you have been taken advantage of in the workplace and it’s difficult for you to take the lead when you’d rather make friends. When you find your niche, however, your physical and emotional health will improve. You could potentially work in metaphysics or do something spiritual.

Pluto: You’re extremely dedicated to work and can even be overly focused on work to the point of creating an unhealthy attachment to it. Obsession can make you chronically, however, and you may deal with infertility or reproductive issues. It is where you go to escape the hardships in your life. Often intense in the workplace, you do your best work when you work alone, especially if it involves some type of secretive or criminal work. Perhaps you work in the scientific community, do some type of research, or do a type of investigative work.

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