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The Planets: The Sun Through the Signs

Who do you want to be when you grow up?

It’s only the sun who knows.

In astrology, we often think think of the sun as who we are, but it’s more complex that. We are not simply born into our sun signs. Instead, we grow into them. There are many lessons we must learn about ourselves and the world we live in before we can be the sun (our sun sign).

The sun is literally what keeps us alive. Without it, there would no humans, no animals, no life, and no earth. Everything in our solar system revolves around the sun. It is light. It is life. It is the highest vibration and in turn, as we grow up and learn personal lessons, we have a choice to live up to our highest vibrations…. or not.

Our sun sign shows us our greatest potential in this lifetime.

It rules the sign of Leo and the 5th house.

It symbolizes the father, our ego, our identity, our vitality, our consciousness, our stamina, our goals, our will to live, our creative life force, our basic personality, self-realization, male figures in our lives, our children, our life purpose, and where we lead and shine.

It spends approximately a month in each sign of the zodiac and takes one year to cycle through. There are 30 degrees in each sign and 12 signs. 12×30=360. About one year. It begins at 0° Aries and ends at 30° Pisces.

It is the “yang” force.

It is the giver of life and our adult self.

The sun is our guiding light and our direction. When we follow it, we are going in the “right” direction for ourselves and our lives. It is who we are constantly learning to be and not who are are just born being. It is our fulfillment and our wholeness.

It can show us a picture of our general health. It rules the body as the whole. More specifically, it rules the heart (the human/physical giver of life). Studying our sun sign and the house it falls into, we can see problems like irregular heartbeat, blood pressure, heart disease, and whether or not we need to take special care of our hearts. It also focuses on the spinal cord and the solar plexus area/chakra.

The sun represents our logic and reason over our instincts. To stay alive, we must be knowledgeable and intelligent. We must be a bit cautious and watchful. Otherwise, the sun does not grant us life. It makes no promises. After all, it is a star and it could explode at anytime.

The sun is the here and now.

It dominates our actions and not our reactions. It’s our life purpose, the central point of our being, the mark we leave on the world, what we give to the world, everything we find most important, and how we give strength to our personality and the other planets involved.

The sun sign shows us the what and the how of our lives, while the house it falls into shows us the where and the when. Putting the planet, the sign, the house, and its relationship to other planets can show us specific details of our lives.

The Sun is…

In rulership in Leo.

In exaltation in Aries.

In its detriment in Aquarius.

In its fall in Libra.

To live up to our highest good and our highest vibrations, each sign learns these lessons and/or becomes this type of person…

Aries: The Ram makes brave and bold choices

Taurus: The Bull unapologetically indulges the senses

Gemini: The Twins authentically shares in knowledge learned

Cancer: The Crab creates a safe, inner world

Leo: The Lion Emenates Warmth and Openness

Virgo: The Virgin offers hand in problem-solving

Libra: The Scales celebrates harmony within self and others

Scorpio: The Scorpion allows others to see depth of emotional range/intensity

Sagittarius: The Archer gives self freedom to roam the world

Capricorn: The Sea-Goat leads and achieves goals/climbs the mountain

Aquarius: The Water-Bearer shows truth in reality for the greater good

Pisces: The Fish embraces natural psychic abilities

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