The 3rd House of Communication and Education in Astrology

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The 3rd House of Communication, Neighbors, and Siblings

The Third House is also known as the Gemini House. Gemini is ruled by Mercury. This means that the third house, Mercury, and Gemini correspond with one another. Just to note, Virgo is also ruled by Mercury. However, Virgo rules the sixth house, so it doesn’t exactly correspond; although there are slight similarities. We’ll put that aside for today.

This house includes communication, intelligence, siblings, language(s), speaking, intellect, speech problems, public speaking, social anxiety, simple friendships, neighbors, logic, rational mind, education, short trips, problem-solving, manipulation, speech recognition, skills or lack thereof of picking up and/or mocking accents, lying, recognition of manipulation and lies, etc.

If you have many planets in the third house, it’s usually an indication of intellectual interests, skills in language and speech, and the possibility of the use of manipulation. It can, however, also be a sign of a speech impediment or a difficulty in early learning and education during childhood, etc.

  • Sun: Likely has a vivid day life, gets quite excited over small things, has very intelligent or even gifted children, was an early-bloomer, curious-minded, love for books, has at least one male sibling, is close to cousins, likes taking initiative, finds communication important, organizes events, has enjoyed cars since childhood, and may gossip habitually.
  • Moon: Has a very receptive mind, absorbs tons of information, has talent for languages and imitations, has great artistic ability, very hands-on, communicates with lots of emotion, changes opinions frequently, enjoys country living, takes many short trips, likes gardens, frequent vehicle changes, and always needs background noises.
  • Mercury: May unconsciously manipulate out of stress or nervousness, possible issues with nerves, learns quickly, tendency to over-work, perfectionist, job involves intercommunication, pleasure in being helpful, job includes rapid actions, informs others of diets, can be obsessed with health, clean and hygienic, and possible hypochondriac or OCD.
  • Venus: Can’t help but pay close attention to other’s lives, gossip and talk about others often whether it’s good or bad, clearly understands their own likes and dislikes, seeks and often finds quite reliable partners and friends, naturally sees a sociological hierarchy, uses charm to move ahead, communicates romantically, but actively helps lower classes.
  • Mars: Enjoys arguing, pleasure in verbally defeating others, may use crude or offensive speech, provocative humor, won’t confess being wrong, picks fights with siblings and neighbors, difficulties speaking in childhood, grew up in dangerous or feared environment, restless, impulsive, excellent in politics and craftsmanship, and danger in cars.
  • Jupiter: Enjoys small pleasures and moments, never really gets bored, long relationships with neighbors, broad-minded, speaks and writes very well, loves talking spiritually, the mind is a sponge, has many siblings, many female cousins who behave like boys, daily intellectual conversations, mirrors surrounding energy, and is respected for wisdom.
  • Saturn: Often appears cold and standoffish, reserved in conversing, rather tough, only talks about subjects they have knowledge on or proof of information, finds themselves among harsh and unfriendly groups of people, doesn’t always recognize emotional self in identity, has the strength to tackle nearly any challenges, and is extremely knowledgeable.
  • Uranus: Highly intellectual and understanding individual, doesn’t judge others easily, can be a bit arrogant, gives unwarranted advice, disregards other’s opinions/thoughts without realizing it, creative in speech, free and original thinker, gets along with neighbors and coworkers, seeks attention when in doubt, and home is generally chaotic and messy.
  • Neptune: Frequently battles their logical mind with emotions, conflict of the mind makes it difficult to learn new information, has an addictive personality, but should really avoid any substance abuse, emotional approach to study, needs quiet and comfort to learn, difficulty concentrating in school, and needs imaginative and creative studies to learn rather than textbook, cold facts.
  • Pluto: Loves digging for secrets, often wonders about deeper meanings, philosophical, psycho-analyzes every person and situation, naturally follows inclinations and intuition, has the power to dangerously manipulate large groups through speaking, potential to change the world with words, has psychic conversations, and investigates everything.


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