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A Poem: Third choice at a crossroad

At some point in life,

         everyone gets stopped by a fork Yn the road, where

                we inevitably struggle choosing whYch one to follow.

                            There’s an ULTIMATE D3STINATION that we MUST all find. It is ourselves that we see as the veil falls away. Another choice, a THIRD path–one that is neither ahead nor behind; up and down, no.

             Finding it can feel like deep, impossible dreaming, playing a strange and dark game with your shadow, or fighting your through an INFINIT3 LA8YRINTH.

 It is the most rewarding of all the paths, however, because as you make your way toward the CENTER…

                      … the core of your actual being….

                              ……the veil has fallen away and we see what we are. 

         You may feel like you’re losing your mind at times, Alic3, but keep moving! The white rabbit, you know him well, you remember? He’s keeping up with the time, but the clock isn’t ticking. It’s all in your head, my friend.

        Once you begin, you must follow through because the only way out of insanity… out of the life’s labyrinth is….


                                                                                                         -Lakin LaShae

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