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The Planets: Venus Through the Signs

  • Element: Air and Earth
  • Symbol: The Goddess Isis
  • Associated Tarot Card: The Empress
  • Associated Astro. House: 2 and 7
  • Numerology Association: 6

Unlike the frequent retrograde planet Mercury, Venus is only in retrograde for 6 weeks out of the year! That means, chances of one being born during a Mercury retrograde is pretty high. If you were born under Venus retrograde, however, this is a very important detail to note!

Venus in Astrology:

Venus is the planet of beauty, love, art, sensuality, romance, decor, money, material possessions, sensory indulgence, pleasure, dating, aesthetics, one’s taste, balance, comfort, harmony, attractions, attachments and affections to/with others, food enjoyment, entertainment, fashion sense and clothing style, musical taste, lovers, grace, charm, receptivity, dancing, singing, painting, writing, literature, world beauty, femininity, submissiveness, passion, parties, gatherings, venues, etc.

Both Taurus and Libra would possess at least some of these qualities, depending on other factors. Also, Taurus is fixed and earth, while Libra is Cardinal and air. Libra would be the chaser, while Taurus would be the one being chased, under most circumstances. However, both signs are charming and passionate and adore comfort and pleasure under the planet of Venus.

Rising/Ascendant Taurus or Libra:

*Having Venus as Your Ruling Planet:

You’re probably a great host! When guests arrive into your home, you’re welcoming and comforting, asking them if they need something to drink or perhaps a blanket. You have great taste in most things, but you may spend money a bit too freely. A lot of this money tends to go toward new clothes and items for your home to make it more comfortable and/or peaceful. You enjoy having a harmonious, if not luxurious personal space.

Beginning to date younger than most, you have probably had quite a few love affairs. If not, you may spend a a good deal of your time focusing thinking about romantic escapades or perhaps daydream of the perfect love. Having a need to feed your senses and feel all of earth’s pleasures, you may be quite indulgent; whether it be food, perfume, sex, or drugs. Be careful that you do not form codependent or addictive behaviors.

Venus Through the Signs:

  • Aries– Fiery, passionate, and competitive lover
  • Taurus– Enjoys Indulging in acts of pleasure
  • Gemini– Playful, witty, and very messy
  • Cancer– Prefers gentle acts of kindness
  • Leo– Has a need to always be number one
  • Virgo– Performs selfless acts of service
  • Libra– Creates beautiful and artistic environments
  • Scorpio– Deep need to earn power through intimacy
  • Sagittarius– Affectionate through freedom and exotic times
  • Capricorn– Traditional, dedicated, and reserved
  • Aquarius– Needs a lot of space for friendships
  • Pisces– Must make soul connections and musical involvement

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