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The Signs: Virgo


  • Birthday – August 23rd – September 22nd
  • Element- Earth
  • Symbol– Virgin/Maiden
  • Quality– Mutable
  • Opposite– Pisces
  • Associations:
    • Associated House – 6th
    • Associated Tarot – The Hermit
    • Associated Numerology Number – 4
  • Ruler: Mercury (in background photo)
    • Exalted: Virgo
  • Detriment: Neptune
    • Fall: Venus

Virgo is…

A wolf in sheep’s clothing. Hyper-aware of every little detail, in every person, everywhere. Highly critical, systematic, and practical to the point of possible OCD. A possible hypochondriac. Amazing problem-solvers with an insane amount of intellect and yet they keep striving for perfection. A nurse. A teacher. Heart of gold. Hands of a healer. The purest lamb mixed with the mad mind of an alchemist. A tender, innocent child who observes the most obscure things and dreams in numbers, music, and technical things.

Virgo Sun Sign:

Highly intelligent, your friends who have their sun sign in Virgo are the greatest at giving advice! Graceful, simple, and full of logic, they make friends easily, but are most difficult to get to open up. Virgo sun has inherent trust issues, but it’s mostly in their head. They overthink, overanalyze, contemplate the tiniest things and cause delays in everything because they’re simply afraid they’re making the wrong choice. Typically, they end up overwhelming themselves more than they’re a bother to anyone else. However, their ability to never fully commit can be frightening to those they want to keep close. These subtle, secretive, mysterious beings enjoy being quirky wallflowers.

They can appear a bit rude with their selective nature and their picky eating habits. They can be critical of even what you choose, but they’re mostly just too critical of themselves. If you need a hand, however, Virgo 🌞 is the first one to lend one and they’ll find joy in doing so. Modest, meticulous, extremely clean, and very creative- this is the person you want to have working next to you. They will let you know if you’re not working hard enough though, but Earth elements are grounded, so they’ll quickly let it go.

A natural analyst and quick-witted too, they never sit for too long. They flash and dash every room they walk into, cleaning up or touching things as they go. They’ll get creative with food or start creating music and before you know it the environment has totally changed around you. Minimalism is what they cling to, but what they do keep around, they’re very attached to. (Don’t go throwing their keepsakes away!)

Famous Virgo Celebrities: Michael Jackson, Cameron Diaz, Paul Walker, Mother Teresa, Stephen King, Beyonce, Leo Tolstoy, Blake Lively, Van Morrison, Melissa McCarthy, Chris Pine, Shania Twain, Jack Black, Zendaya, Richard Gere, Salma Hayek, Keanu Reeves, Emmy Rossum, Adam Sandler, Evan Rachel Wood, Ludacris, and Jennifer Hudson.

Virgo Moon Sign:

Hating any spotlight on them and choosing the sidelines, Virgo moon is even more guarded than Virgo sun! They prefer being the leader that plays his part in the background. It’s hard to believe because in their groups, they are the supportive therapists. With moon here, this individual seems picky and critical to/of others, but it’s due to their own lack of self-confidence. This type of person does best with love and encouragement from those they choose to keep close.

Micromanaging and getting angered by another’s laziness comes from their desire for perfection, but they get a lot done and enjoy feeling useful. Daily routine and staying organized is important to virgo moon’s mental health; otherwise, they’re neurotic and anxious. Early risers, they stay incredibly busy and participate in various types of organizations. If they’re secure and allowed to tamper with the environment’s feng shui, they’re actually quite simple and easily contented with simple pleasures.

Lastly, virgo moon is diligent with their health and hygiene and will often be found working in the health field. Because they’re easily overwhelmed and pressured, they may battle nerve problems. They’re happiest when they have control over their lives. They aim to please and most likely show their love to others by teaching them things they’re interested in. Between teaching and loving, this is the area where virgo moon gets comfortable and shows that they are actually the hunter and you are the prey.

Famous Virgo Moons: 14th Dalai Lama, Madonna, JFK, Jodie Foster, Zac Efron, Natalie Portman, James Franco, Nicki Minaj, Sean Connery, JK Rowling, Matthew McConoughey, Courtney Cox, Chris Hemsworth, Lorde, Channing Tatum, Blake Lively, John Travolta, Jada Pinkett Smith, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and Stephen Hawking

Virgo Rising/Ascendant:

If you’re rising virgo (my daughter is too), you radiate an aura of intelligence and the world recognizes you as someone that we want to keep safe for your rare sensitivities. In fact, one with virgo as an ascendant, you have a special biorhythm and it is even recommended that you shut your wifi off at night! You may be a wallflower by choice, but everyone is aware of you. (Think Emma Watson and Amy Winehouse). You have a quiet charm that attracts many people to you and you probably don’t try too hard to be popular and liked, but you are anyway. You’re very self-critical and easily guilt yourself, but we don’t know why because you’re kind to everyone and you have so many natural talents!

Although you’re friendly, you’re inwardly cautious of new people and anxious in new situations. Erraticism is something you can’t handle being around and need a bit more time to warm up to all what’s new. I mean, you have a hawk’s eye! It’s doubtful that anyone notices as much detail as you. You need positive reinforcement because of your natural sensitivity to criticism and that’ll keep you doing everything to the highest possible standard. It can also mean, however, that you’re critical of your coworkers and won’t stand for any sloppiness.

Although they are both rules by Mercury, Gemini is extroverted and virgo is more introverted. With Mercury as a ruling planet, you have a mind that never gets full of taking in new information and you’ll enjoy learning throughout your whole life! You’re a fantastic researcher and studious too! This means that you’re also attracted to other’s minds more than anything. You could spend all day sharing tidbits of info and facts with others and could spend all day talking about your interests with anyone that efficiently converses back with you.

Modest and body conscious, you most likely have a chic style. Usually, this placement gives one darker hair and eyes than their siblings. You’re also very sensitive to any body discomfort, have a low pain tolerance, and are a very picky eater! 🙊

Famous Virgo Rising: Steve Jobs, Bruce Willis, Jane Austen, Walt Disney, Sarah Paulson, Kurt Cobain, Loretta Lynn, Ryan Reynolds, Charlize Theron, Kevin Hart, Rachel Bilson, Tom Hanks, Florence Nightingale, Charles Dickens, Lizzie Borden, Ernest Hemingway, Patrick Swayze, Bill Clinton, and Dave Navarro.

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