Visions: I Hope I’m Wrong

 Almost as if the sun stopped reflecting on the moon, the planet had lost any sign of life. Cold nothingness covered me as I watched darkness fall upon my home. I knew that the electrical grid had been completely turned off. No one, not anyone, had any electricity that I could see.

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I’m afraid to create this post, to be honest, but my gut isn’t allowing me to shut the idea out and move on. Every time I try to flush it away, the urgency just grows stronger.

If you’re reading this, please hear me out. I’ve already been blocked from Facebook, (for a reason they will not explain to me-although I’m not breaking any of their rules), so I imagine I will be blocked in other places soon enough. However, I simply decided that my fear was no longer enough of an excuse for not sharing what I feel strongly about, while the world becomes more haunting by the day.

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Lies that we’ve been fed, we are no longer hungry for. Our souls are beginning to feel malnourished.  

Very Short Backstory on my “Psychic Abilities” and You are Psychic Too, Didn’t you Know?

Throughout my life, I have made quite a few predictions of things I saw during meditations or dreams that I remembered very vividly, as my weightless, spirit body disconnected from it’s ego and channeled the messages from the collective consciousness. Basically, I believe I’m here to serve, along with countless others, in something major that’s happening within my fellow human beings.

I see two things currently happening between people as a whole:

(my perception)




If you’re asking yourself, “What are we, truly?” I can’t tell you that. That may sound rather ominous, but it’s not.

Like all good things, this too is worth waiting for. This, however, will change EVERYTHING once you know. The only way you will get there, though, is if life is a completely organic experience and you must discover your self-identification all on your own. What happens afterward… nothing compares and I won’t risk it for you if you’re nearly there.


If you’re saying to yourself, “this girl is crazy,” that’s fine too! It is your right in freewill to think so and to be honest, you’re not wrong, but nor are you right either. That’s exactly what this whole thing is about; nothing is just black and white, right and wrong, or good and evil. Check out my blog about duality to see what message I’m trying to convey there.

Everything Became a Mirror:

Okay. So, long story short, I began meditating about three years ago. Immediately, as soon as I could rub the sleep from my eyes, my life spiraled out of control. It was complete chaos for a long time and for a long time, I only felt sorry for myself.

(So if you’ve just began meditating, yoga, or any type of natural healing or divination, don’t give up! Waters can’t be stormy forever. As above, so below. What comes up, must come down.) 

In retrospect, I recognize this as the universe’s way of trying to get me to open my eyes to something bigger than just me.

There were so many synchronizations happening around me and I just couldn’t help but to HAVE to understand their messages. My logical mind, as well as my ego, wanted me to believe it was nothing more than a mere coincidence.

Knowing everyone actually just thought I was losing my mind or slipping into a psychosis, I often doubted myself. It wasn’t until I decided I didn’t need anyone’s validation to hear the messages, that they became clear.

Isn’t it ironic?

The more I denied the possibility of something bigger happening, the stronger and louder the messages came in. By the end, right before I really began to understand, my life completely fell apart. And unfortunately, that’s exactly what it took for me to really open my eyes to the truth, even if it’s only MY truth.

Remember, Self-Identification is the point.

>>>Check out this awesome video that has a message about the importance of Self-Identification<<<

In my truth, as I found my self-identification, I began to also see myself as a piece of a large puzzle that is interwoven as one. I began to forgive those who did me wrong, healed the grudges from my heart, and REALLY started to understand the meaning of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Not until then was I able to unlock the wisdom- the place that contains all the answers to life’s mysteries- of the Collective Consciousness.



I AM the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.”

-Revelations 22:13

We are All there is, All there has been, and All that will ever be.

We are Everything.

The Prediction:

Well, I began to meditate and dream very vividly. I quickly learned how to astral travel/lucid dream. I was beginning to understand the differences between the conscious mind, the unconscious mind, the collective consciousness, and time. I won’t go into detail about all of that today, but I just want to note that these things didn’t occur over night. It was a long series of happenings, which led to my next point.

As I’m sitting, listening to ‘The Song of the Butterflyby Istvan Sky on YouTube, I feel a sense of drifting from my body; or being split into two. I had done this before, but this time, it wasn’t just personal dealings. My astral body began to follow an intuitive feeling that I needed to see earth from the outside.

 Holding the chord that is attached the the top of my head, so I’m not lost outside of my physical body, I fly toward the earth’s atmosphere. At first, I just hovered far enough away so that I could see it turn in real-time because… space is time. And also, things are much easier to manipulate and bend outside of realm in which we experience the life you’re reading this in.

As I’m floating and admiring the beauty of my planet, allowing the feelings of peace and gratefulness to come over me, saying a silent, “thank you,” for being gifted a physical body, but also for not being limited by it if I didn’t want to be: something happened

In the European continent, on the eastern portion, perhaps near Ukraine or close to the Russian border-where I could see many city lights one moment, like someone had blown out 1 of 100 candles- the candle/city, where my eyes focused, suddenly just went out within the next moment.Slowly, something blew out all 100 candles.  I watched as China turned black. Then, Australia. France. Iceland. South Africa. Morocco. Argentina. Florida. Canada. Indiana. Montana. California. Hawaii. Japan… Until I could no longer see anything at all.

It was complete darkness and I’d never felt so afraid before.

Almost as if the sun stopped reflecting on the moon, the planet had lost any sign of life. Cold nothingness covered me as I watched darkness fall upon my home. I knew that the electrical grid had been completely turned off. No one, not anyone, had any electricity that I could see. Within me, I knew that it happened too quickly, without internet connection, for the news to spread that it had happened everywhere. I quickly flew back to my body, barely feeling any relief when I realized it hadn’t happened yet. I also knew that this wasn’t a coincidence.

Media, presidential elections, wage gaps, social media to connect people and keep them dependent, Television for distraction to keep people sleeping, Corporations that have mass control, inadequate nutrition, harmful chemicals in the water, radiation, Covid-19, etc. I knew somehow that I got pulled there to see what I did to share it with you, whoever is reading. If you have come across this, please don’t remain quiet anymore. We can no longer afford to suffer in quiet and fear. 

And I promise you, I’m really hoping I’m wrong! But I may not be.

Nothing is definite and everything is temporary, after all.

The same intuitive voice that took me to see the horrifyingly, dark earth is the same voice that has been pushing me to write this blog post. To be honest, the vision I had during that meditation was the most real vision I’ve ever had and it has never left my mind. For three years, I’ve known deep down that there would eventually come a day where it’d be possible that the grid would be go out and we’d have to learn how to survive without instant gratifications, electricity, and impersonal communications.

People are starting to smell something fishy in the air. They’re beginning to understand, collectively, that things are not as they appear. If you too are aware of this or becoming doubtful of your reality, you’ll know somewhere within the labyrinth of your being that what I’m telling you isn’t far-off and definitely not impossible.

Did you think some of your favorite celebrities would be connected to child-sex slavery and Demon-Owl-God worshiping occults? I’d say, probably not. Perhaps our sources of information should come from our own inner wisdom and not always the news, who’s paid to sell you lies to create fear.

Everything in moderation, friends. Even the good stuff.

Why are you being sold fear? Because fear is the ultimate enemy. It’s been working and you’ve most likely been supporting it by participating in it. Ignorance is not always bliss. But guess what…

“Fears are nothing more than a state of mind.”

-Napoleon Hill

So, I say:

Walk into Fear as if You Own it, Because You do. Promise 😉

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From Within the Labyrinth,

With Love,

-Lakin <3

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