The Zodiac Sign, Cancer: Including Cancer Sun, Cancer Moon, and Cancer Rising

Compassionate Caregiver – Moody Mother – Creatively Chaotic

Ruling Planet: Moon Element: Water Quality: Cardinal Symbol: A Crab

Associated Tarot Card: The Chariot Associated House: 4th

Ruled by the Moon, this crab is constantly changing. Considering the Moon moves quickly and changes zodiac signs every two and half days, it feels every emotional swing and is highly connected to the tides, which the moon controls. Therefore, it is also linked to the element of water and water is connected to the emotions. This is why Cancer the Crab’s reputation is that it is often reactive and overly emotional.

The crab doesn’t trust people easily and in fact, uses the shell around it to protect itself from perceived threats of things outside of that shell. If it does allow others to get close, however, it’s doubtful that it will let them go; because it is also highly protective, intuitive, and caring. Once it forms a bond, it will do anything in its power to care for the person, making it an excellent parent, spouse, and best friend. When things go wrong for its people, it is sympathetic, empathetic, and understanding toward them. When it doesn’t receive the compassion it gives to others, however, it can become manipulative and self-pitying.

Cancer Sun Sign:

Birthdays of Cancer Sun: June 20 – July 22

Sun Cancer individuals are often unpredictable in behavior. It’s hard for others to know whether their reactions will be easy or difficult, making relations with them somewhat difficult, but rewarding. No one can care for others the way that a Cancer can. It’s likely they cook and clean daily when they’re doing well. When they’re not, they can be the opposite and their lives appear disastrous. Regardless, their priority is their family and home life, but can be a bit overly protective and restrictive of their children. They’re generally the ones taking care of the family elders. They are dedicated spouses, but can sometimes be a bit clingy because they deeply desire security and safety.

They connect with their partners on such a deep level that they can often communicate with them, and others they’re in close relationships with, silently. That doesn’t, however, mean they’re quiet. In fact, they’re generally pretty loud and not feeling sorry about it. Unfortunately, their need to surround themselves with tough people for self-protection means they often choose toxic, selfish, or abusive partners many times before finding mutual respect in a relationship with solidity. With the best intentions and a soft, caring nature means that they sometimes become misguided and disillusioned, which can lead them to choose the wrong types of company.

Lastly, Cancer Sun is unlikely to trust hardly anyone, but because they’re compassionate and giving, they may forgive many times. Their forgiveness, however, may come with a price, which is usually reminding the person of their mistakes; because they become uncomfortable while they attempt to build trust again. As they learn with age, they will explore more freedom that allows them to feel more calm. They have larger-than-life personalities that fascinate most people. They are tons of fun to be around when their mood is at a high. If it isn’t, they may become demanding or start to complain to whoever they direct the negative feelings toward. It is important that they express their deep emotions creatively because it will ease and balance their nature.

Cancer Sun Celebrities: Selena Gomez, Tom Cruise, Prince William, Princess Diana, Sylvester Stallone, Lana Del Rey, Tom Hanks, Cyndi Lauper, Vin Diesel, Robin Williams, Nikola Tesla, George Orwell, Malala, 14th Dalai Lama, Maryl Streep, Anthony Bourdain, Ariana Grande, Kristen Bell, Carson Daly, Jason Mraz, Indila, Gretchen Wilson.

Cancer Moon Sign:

Having your Moon sign in Cancer can be very hard to tame. This placement is within its sign of rulership! That means that these individuals feel every emotion extremely intensely and are often hyper-sensitive and sometimes possess extraordinary psychic ability, which can be overwhelming to them. As a result, they may perhaps deal with severe anxiety. Being connected to the divine feminine they are very motherly, caring, and can be even moodier than Cancer Sun people! They may also deal with mania, bouts of depression, or frequent sadness occurring from a constant state of empathy. Some of them are simply melancholy in nature.

Cancer Moons are extremely sensitive to their environments and prefer to stick to what is familiar and safe. They are feelers, who intuitively know what is really going on when words are left unsaid because they sense it. This also means, however, that they have a tendency to become emotional instead of rational in various circumstances. They often form quick and strong emotional attachments, which can sometimes cause co-dependency. They are prone to sleepwalking, acting out dreams, or gaining insight and wisdom through dreams. As they are channels for transmitting cosmic/divine information, they have a habit of carrying strong emotional burdens. It’s important for them to have the support of their family so they don’t isolate, but living near a body of water can be healing for them.

The mother of Cancer Moon is highly protective of them and will usually have Cancer Sun, Moon, Rising, OR have a heavy influence of the Moon or Cancer in her chart. Women with this placement will be closely bonded to their mothers throughout most of their lives and have likely inherited karma and psychic abilities through their female ancestral lines. Men with this placement, however, will have a strange bond with their mother; perhaps feeling a deep desire to connect, but something always seems to be missing.

Cancer Moon Celebrities: Adam Sandler, Janis Joplin, Keanu Reeves, Courtney Love, Mary J. Blige, Bob Hope, Emilia Clarke, Clark Gable, Robin Williams, Drew Barrymore, Isaac Newton, Farrah Fawcett, Harrison Ford, Kurt Cobain, Bette Midler, Clint Eastwood, Jessica Simpson, Lord Byron, Jimmy Page.

Cancer Rising Sign/Ascendant:

Having the Moon as the ruler of their chart, Cancer Rising is extremely sensitive, self-protective, and highly guarded. They feel the full emotional spectrum and have strong maternal instincts. Although they’re excellent observers of people, they have a natural tendency to come off as more emotional than logical. They engage with their environments on a deep level, which can sometimes lead to overwhelming feelings of sudden distress. Unpredictable behavior is frequent, with energy for days, specifically during full moons, which leads to later exhaustion.

Rising Cancer often comes from a rather tough childhood, where their parents were likely emotionally unavailable. Therefore, as an adult, they prefer a partner who makes them feel secure. With unresolved trauma, they can unknowingly choose emotionally unavailable people, who are like their parent(s). They have an idealistically forgiving and tolerant heart and are sometimes polite to a fault; even to those who treat them poorly. Naturally, they create their own traditions for their families and they will be VERY protective of their home, spouse, and most importantly, their children.

Considering they’re humble, they’re typically unaware that they’re great leaders who influence most people in their lives. With obvious, sharp psychic insight and high emotional intelligence, they are very aware of others’ motivations and feelings. Unfortunately, this means they frequently isolate themselves and often feel lonely. Having a comfortable space of their own at home is a must!

These crabs usually have quite expressive and large eyes, while their skin is lighter than their siblings. They often possess naturally dark hair, a square jawline, a wide smile, prominent, chiseled cheekbones, thin limbs, and a lulling, honey-like voice. They have an unusual biorhythm and will instinctively make moves at the perfect time.

Cancer Rising Celebrities: Angelina Jolie, Michael Jordan, Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Iggy Pop, Lisa Kudrow, Mel Gibson, Cindy Crawford, Julia Roberts, Mark Wahlberg, Tyra Banks, John Travolta, Kanye West, Ben Affleck, Farrah Fawcett, Cameron Diaz, Liv Taylor, Kate Hudson, Milla Jovovich, Leo Tolstoy, Cher.

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