The Zodiac Sign, Gemini: Including Gemini Sun, Gemini Moon, and Gemini Rising

Symbol- The Twins

Element- Air Quality- Mutable Ruler- Mercury

Associated Tarot Card- The Lovers Associated House- 3rd House

Gemini Sun Sign Birthdays: May 21-June 21

Gemini is born under the constellation of the twins, which often means they’re indecisive and inconsistent, but if you want an honest and unbiased opinion, Gemini will be the friend you’d need to go to because they will always play the devil’s advocate. They are very friendly and are usually seeking lots of fun! If there isn’t any to be found, they’ll create it and they love jokes and pranks! Many people think of a Gemini as extroverted, but that’s only half true, as they also need plenty of time alone. Keeping these guys confined, especially with many responsibilities will mean they get obviously overwhelmed, but if they’re in a large crowd of people, they’ll quickly become anxious.

Representing communication, Gemini can debate nearly any difficult topic that most others shy away from. They are curious and adaptable folks, but they move through most things quite nervously. Gemini loves sharing ideas and they express themselves easily, with a love for talking. If hit with them an intellectual challenge, they’ll accept the challenge with confidence. They’re quick-witted, deadly sarcastic, fun, flirty, and mischievous. When they make mistakes, they can admit when they’re wrong, which makes them easier to forgive. If they’ve not realized they’ve messed up, however, they can react mockingly and immaturely.

First, they’re sour and then they’re sweet!

A Gemini Sun person may feel as though their role here on earth in this lifetime is to mend the differences and intellectual challenges in their circles. Their mastery of words and refusal to choose a side can be healing and effective, making them natural mediators. In relationships, a Gemini person will find that communicating verbally is just as important, if not more important, to them than any physical contact. Although they are loving in relationships, they do find themselves flirting with others. Because it’s likely a natural part of their personality, they may not realize this.

Famous People with Sun in Gemini: Donald Trump, Tupac, Johnny Depp, Marilyn Monroe, Chris Evans, Iggy Azalea, Lucy Hale, Clint Eastwood, JFK, Judy Garland, Mark Wahlberg, Morgan Freeman, Anne Frank, Nicole Kidman, Jewel, Laverne Cox, Angelina Jolie, Stevie Nicks, Paul McCartney, Natalie Portman, Blake Shelton, Lionel Richie, etc.

With the moon in Gemini, you need to know as much information as you possibly can. Some may even call you an information addict. Instinctively, you are a multi-tasker; constantly moving from one group of people to another, or from one task to another and effortlessly blending in and actively enjoying the experiences. It may be best to pay close attention to how thin you spread your energy because doing too many things at once not only means you will probably not actually get a lot done, but you will hit a point of exhaustion, risking your health and safety.

Gemini moon can so easily reply with such sharp cleverness and wit that you may as well have been smacked. Like Gemini sun, they can talk their way out of practically everything or into anything. The gift for gab is a great quality to have, but it can make you appear fake or manipulative to some others. Just be sure to have good intentions and what others think won’t matter. Also, be careful not to fall into the plague of gossip when you get lost in conversation. It may be hard to keep a secret, but it could potentially hurt those you definitely do not wish to hurt.

Lastly, Gemini moon often has a hard time expressing any emotional depth. In fact, they may actually have a hard time feeling their emotions at all. Instead, they tend to rationalize everything and unfortunately, leave many of their real emotions trapped inside of them. This can cause frustration and eventually, anger and outbursts. Find someone you trust and at least try and feel things out for yourself. You’ll feel much better after you do if you tend to have this problem.

Famous Gemini Moon People: Emily Deschanel, Marla Sokoloff, Jeremy Renner, Emily Osment, Vladimir Putin, Simone Biles, Barack Obama, Charlie Day, Jessica Chastain, Eddie Redmayne, Chris O’Dowd, etc.

Rising Sign in Gemini:

With a Gemini Rising placement, this person will have the planet Mercury as their chart ruler. To put it simply, this person will use their entire being to express their thoughts; radiating their ideas through every extension of themselves. The downside to this is that when they are feeling emotional, they tend to try to rationalize it, making it difficult for them to hide, and everything within becomes apparent externally. Very animated, they use tons of body language and hand gestures when communicating. Oftentimes, they speak so quickly, it’s sometimes hard to keep up and they could talk a lot too. Likewise, they may have seemingly lightning-fast reflexes and movements.

Gemini Rising often has a narrow face, bright eyes, and problems with eyesight. They will often wear contacts or glasses since childhood. Although they are usually slightly above average in height, they generally have longer-than-average limbs. Sometimes, they possess small wrists and ankles, a long waist, and hair that is a bit lighter than other family members. They often have sharp bone structures and appear to be somewhat elf-like. Generally, they would prefer to spend their exercising mentally rather than physically, but their indifference toward food, preferring to eat only when hungry, usually means they stay thin for life.

In relationships, they are often sapiosexual: having more of an attraction to someone’s mind rather than their body and they’re prone to very many platonic relationships. It isn’t uncommon for them to be bisexual, polyamorous, or simply feel like a genderless or fluid soul. They need a constant flow of information flowing into them, otherwise, they may feel a bit empty and lonely. Their nature is easy-going and they are anything but aggressive or hostile. Having a tendency to overthink, they can become overloaded with stress and anxiety very often, but they bounce back quickly most of the time. These guys should really be careful of damage to the nervous system and mental exhaustion.

Famous Rising Gemini People: Drew Barrymore, Will Smith, Willow Smith, Sandra Bullock, Neil Armstrong, Julianne Moore, Rihanna, Kristen Stewart, Ashton Kutcher, Tyler Perry, Amy Winehouse, Kelly Osbourne, Sarah Jessica Parker, etc.

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