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The Elements: Water

What Does Water Symbolize?

Whatever you water… GROWS.

Water represents…

…fertility, birth, beginnings, caring, compassion, empathy, emotional feelings, depth, fluidity, and


Each element, FIRE, EARTH, AIR, and WATER, has three zodiac signs in which they’re ruled:

Water: Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio

Air: Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra

Earth: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Fire: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarus

Like Jesus turned WATER TO WINE, through life’s many baptisms, we often find ourselves drowning, or in a process of transmutation… total change in self.

Transmutation is turning water into ice or into snow. Although they have changed, they’re still water.

On the other hand, with heat, water boils. Like liquid fire, water can burn and scold. It can also rise and disappear; leaving only dew.

Pisces the Prescious and Patient Pair of fish

Cancer the Crafty and Caring Crab

Scorpio the seductive and Shadowy Scorpion

Someone who is ruled by water is sensitive, intuitive, considerate, kind, romantic, dreamy, emotionally intelligent, empathetic, caring, compassionate, unpredictable, nervous, emotionally perceptive, comforting, loving, gentle, creative, communicative, etc.

Water can be calm, smooth, soft, and inviting. It can be like a mother with her loving nature, as well as her protective fears. Sometimes, however, water can be overbearing, like crashing waves.

It holds one up, but drowns another.

Water is a small stream that soothes and a tsunami that kills.

Those ruled by water can also be smothering, moody, emotional, easily-offended, emotionally intense, non-discriminating, careless, shallow, inconsistent, fearful, melancholy, and vindictive.

Water: Feminine and Submissive

Fire becomes imbalanced when it suppresses the feminine counterpart, water. Metaphorically, water contains everything inside of it that fire does not and vice versa. Organically, there are subtle similarities, between them, which are our other two elements. Between the four, however, water and fire are most different. They need each other, and we need both to maintain balance within and around. It is the way of our world and why it exists.

With too much energy, a lack of acknowledgement in emotions, empathy, and compassion, and disrespect toward peace and calmness brings chaos. The universe always seeks to balance itself. Therefore, if you are the water that floods from feelings or if you wish to control others or focus on failure and fear, whatever you fear to lose is only a hurricane you create inside yourself, and whatever you fear to lose will be the thing your waves will wash away.

Water rules the signs Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio. Their planets are Neptune, the Moon, and Pluto.

Neptune is the dreamy planet that is totally covered in water!

There are twelve astrological houses. Cancer rules house 4. Scorpio rules house 8. Pisces rules house 12.

The Fourth House – Family and home life

The Eighth House – Sex, mystery, and death.

The Twelfth House – Fear, Prison, and Self-Undoing.

Without water, we’d have no trees, rain, clouds, flowers, people, animals, green grass, tasty food and beverages, ocean waves, river days, lakes to fish, ponds to swim, streams for our feet, springs to drink, baths to relax, showers to get clean, etc.

Without water, we’d have no life!

From within the Labyrinth,

-Lakin <3

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